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The Geri Project

Caring Words Worth Sharing

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The Geri Project


This is my wife Geri. She is a teacher.



In 2014 she accepted a position as the kindergarten-3rd grade teacher at a Community Day School.


Her new class would be little students that, due to their behavior, were asked to leave other schools.


Mrs. Copitch (cop•itch), as she is known in school, was excited and apprehensive about her new class.


To be helpful, I make Mrs. Copitch’s lunch before I go to bed. To be supportive that first year, I made an inspirational card for her to open while she enjoyed her lunch. (On the days she didn’t quite get to eat at lunchtime, and there were quite a few of those, she ate her lunch and read her card after school).


If you know someone who could use a loving smile, a caring pat on the back, or a well deserved hug, feel free to give them one of these cards. Drag and drop. Email or print.


Share a smile, change the world.

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